About Me

Most friends and acquaintances who know me in a work or social situation aren’t familiar with this darker side of me or conversely, those who read my poetry and short stories online are surprised when they meet me. The mental picture they have is very different to the physical image I project. I’m a blend of contrasts and most comfortable when they stay in separate boxes. Parts of me however can be like imps and won’t be contained.

So, who am I?

I’m older than I would like to be, work harder than I should and have a bad habit of overthinking. My greatest and proudest achievements are my two beautiful, intelligent daughters who are both scientists, though my younger daughter is also a talented writer and I love her stories. I work for my local Schools’ Library Service and often go into schools enthusing children to read and enjoy books. I can bore anyone about children’s and teen literature that I’ve read.

Though I’ve always been a voracious reader (my escape from real life), I never thought about writing until my forties. School taught me I was no good at it. In an English lesson at the age of nine, I wrote a very imaginative surreal story and was told by the teacher that it was too far fetched. She made me stay in a break to rewrite something more realistic.

Only when I read a poem on a website, did I think I could write something better. It was the key that opened a whole new world to me and I haven’t looked back. Writing has given me more than an a new interest, it has brought me good friends across the globe and given me a way of expressing thoughts and emotions previously supressed and denied.  My second home these days is http://www.writersdock.com where I can be found haunting the prompt poetry forum, finding inspiration from the very varied and interesting prompts posted daily.

My dad’s death just before my fiftieth birthday was a catalyst in my life. It made me take a long, honest look at my own situation. I realised only I could do something about how unhappy and trapped I felt. So, after more than twenty years of marriage, I left my husband, bought a flat and spent a month travelling round New Zealand. If you would like to read my travel journal and see my wonderful photos, the link is http://darkdreamer-thedarkersideofnight.blogspot.co.uk/

Enough revelations. More of my character will be revealed through my writing though always remember what I write is not necessarily who I am.


6 comments on “About Me

  1. From afar and for a long time, i have known you to be a teller of tales and a poet who tells about life. I very much appreciated your “Solitary Path

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